How To Blow The Whistle

2022-04-28 10:06:53


The Company is committed to maintaining a conducive working environment in which stakeholders, including employees, will be able to report or disclose any incidents of unethical or unlawful conduct without fear of retaliation in an appropriate manner. Any affected person who, in good faith, has observed a misconduct and made a disclosure with respect to a potential harmful violation shall be referred to as a "whistleblower" and protected from any retaliation or reprisal by the Company and/or any employee of the Company.

If you observed or had a reasonable knowledge or evidence, that an incident or practice within the Company that would be deemed unethical or unlawful or had or potentially adversely affected the Company and/or any of its stakeholders, you may disclose or submit a report through (“WBS”) 


  1. To file and log a report through the WBS, you may first register. Please provide your email address for us to send an email for verification.
  2. You will receive an email for required verification with a link. Click the link and it shall lead you to log in to the WBS. 
  3. Once login, click the 'New Report' button. Fill in the mandatory fields in the Report Form to disclose your information. Attach supporting documents if any. 
  4. Please provide your contact details that would allow us to reach to you should further information be needed.
  5. Once completed, submit the report by clicking 'Submit Report' button.  
  6. Notification will be sent to the provided contact details to inform that a report has been filed and received at the WBS (the “Whistleblower Report”).
  7. Kindly wait as you may be contacted by our Administrator for initial verification or additional information.

The disclosure contemplated herein should be submitted in good faith. The whistleblower holds a reasonable belief that the disclosure made is true and has not been made either for personal gain or for any other ulterior motives. All reports will be dealt with in strict confidentiality, with sensitivity and by the appropriate personnel, in accordance with the Company’s relevant policies and procedures.


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